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A Color Atlas of Comparative Pathology of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

by Franz Joel Leong, Veronique Dartois, Thomas Dick
April 2016

An annual death toll of 2 million, coupled with rising drug resistance, highlights the need for the development of new drugs, better diagnostics, and a tuberculosis (TB) vaccine. Addressing these key issues, A Color Atlas of Comparative Pathology of Pulmonary Tuberculosis introduces TB histopathology to the non-histopathologists, students, scientists, and doctors working, learning, and teaching in the field of TB. It contains 100 color photographs and illustrations that bring clarity to the information presented.

The atlas takes the unusual approach of covering multiple species histopathology, arguably the first and quite possibly the only resource to do so. It provides a simple, annotated, and visual presentation of the comparative histopathology of TB in human and animal models. The editors have compiled information that helps TB scientists to distinguish between the features of all major animal models available and to use them with their strengths and limitations in mind. The book provides guidance for selecting the best animal model(s) to answer specific questions and to test the efficacy of drug candidates.

  • Provides a starting point for non-histopathologists to understand the histopathology of TB and how it relates to their research work
  • Reviews the basic features necessary to understand the functional and pathological changes that can occur in this organ
  • Summarizes new microbiological and histological observations in the Wistar rat TB model
  • Focuses on general aspects of drug discovery in addition to specific points relating to TB
  • Includes 100 color photographs and illustrations
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