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Animal Anatomy On File

by The Diagram Group
An essential tool for both high school and college students, Animal Anatomy On File, New Edition contains all reshaped and redrawn artwork for improved clarity and presentation. Many species are illustrated with multiple plates depicting internal structures, external forms, skeletons, muscle systems, digestive systems, reproductive systems, circulatory systems, and more. In keeping with other On File resources, this New Edition of Animal Anatomy On File reflects major curricula and textbooks. It has been redesigned to be an even more effective multi-purpose tool, serving as a guide to the external and internal structure of animals, as a reference source of images for photocopying, and as a basis for discussion, reference, or testing. Among the new areas covered in this edition are: Classifications and Size Charts of each group; Acanthocephalans (thorny-headed worms); Larval forms; Chitons; Tusk shells; Ticks; Bryozoans (moss animals); Sea cucumbers; Features of lower chordates (table); Features of fish (table); Amphibian larvae; Neotenous amphibians; Features of birds (table); Feathers; Bills; Features of mammals; Apes.

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