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Applied Statistics for Agriculture, Veterinary, Fishery, Dairy and Allied Fields

by Pradip Kumar Sahu
December 2016

This book is aimed at a wide range of readers who lack confidence in the mathematical and statistical sciences, particularly in the fields of Agriculture, Veterinary, Fishery, Dairy and other related areas. Its goal is to present the subject of statistics and its useful tools in various disciplines in such a manner that, after reading the book, readers will be equipped to apply the statistical tools to extract otherwise hidden information from their data sets with confidence. Starting with the meaning of statistics, the book introduces measures of central tendency, dispersion, association, sampling methods, probability, inference, designs of experiments and many other subjects of interest in a step-by-step and lucid manner. The relevant theories are described in detail, followed by a broad range of real-world worked-out examples, solved either manually or with the help of statistical packages. In closing, the book also includes a chapter on which statistical packages to use, depending on the user’s respective requirements.

  • Self-instructional reference book for Life Sciences personnels and no background of statistics required
  • Presentation of the otherwise difficult to comprehend statistical theories in simplified language
  • Theory exemplified by real life examples for faster comprehension and real world co-relation
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