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Body MDCT in Small Animals: Basic Principles, Technology, and Clinical Applications

by Giovanna Bertolini
September 2017

This book is an up-to-date, technically detailed yet easy-to-read reference book on current clinical applications of MDCT in small animals. It has been designed to serve as the reference book for all MDCT-users, such as veterinary radiologists, imaging technicians, oncologists, surgeons, and non-radiologist clinicians. Individual chapters on novel clinically important topics include applications in endocrinology, oncology, trauma, and cardiovascular CT, as well as sections on organ-specific pathologies and their CT characteristics. The book will also cover main domains of CT, such as thorax and the trauma imaging. Anatomy, clinical aspects, pathology, and CT signs are integrated to provide the reader with the basis for interpretation of MDCT findings. Many excellent 2D multiplanar and 3D figures illustrating typical CT findings of various conditions will serve as a clinical reference for the reader.

  • State of the art of MDCT applications in veterinary practice Suitable reading for veterinary radiologists, clinicians, oncologists, surgeons, and imaging technicians
  • Explains use of a new technology which improves diagnostic accuracy and makes new applications possible that were not feasible using previous CT technologies
  • Contains many 2D multiplanar and 3D illustrations
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