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Bovine Surgery and Lameness, 2nd Edition

by A. David Weaver, Guy St Jean, Adrian Steiner
May 2013
Bovine surgery is both challenging and complicated. Not only does the surgeon have to decide whether surgery is economically justified, but surgery often has to be performed in a sub-optimal environment.

Following on from the worldwide success of the first edition, this new edition continues to act as a step-by-step guide to standard surgical techniques. Now with two new authors from Switzerland and North America, both the text and illustrations have been considerably expanded. In addition, special attention is given to issues relating to peri-operative analgesia and animal welfare, food safety, and drug dosages.

  • Maintains the popular concise and accessible format of the first edition – perfect for on-the-field work;
  • Two additional authors, with world renowned expertise in bovine surgery and lameness;
  • Detailed instruction on the basics of effective surgery – proper instrumentation, asepsis, effective anaesthesia and essential techniques;
  • Much more information on lameness, as well as numerous new line drawings to aid instruction.
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