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Clinical Reasoning in Small Animal Practice

by Jill E. Maddison, Holger A. Volk, David B. Church
May, 2015Clinical-Reasoning-in-Small-Animal-Practice

Clinical Reasoning in Small Animal Practice presents a revolutionary approach to solving clinical problems. As a veterinarian, especially as a student or new graduate, a ten minute consultation in a busy small animal practice can be a daunting task. By guiding you to think pathophysiologically, this book will help solve clinical problems as efficiently as possible. The authors set out a structured approach with easy to remember rules which can be applied to most clinical signs small animals present with. This reduces the need to remember long lists of differentials and avoids the potential of getting trapped by a perceived obvious diagnosis. The book will help to unlock your potential to solve clinical problems. It also provides a logical rationale for choosing diagnostic tests or treatments which can be clearly communicated to the owner.

Written by internationally renowned clinicians and educators in clinical reasoning, key features of the book include:

  • An easy to remember and logical approach to solving a wide range of clinical problems encountered in small animal medicine and neurology
  • An invaluable resource for every level of learner, from student to experienced practitioner
  • Flowcharts and key step markers throughout help illustrate the decision making process

Clinical inductive reasoning offers you the ability to solve cases more efficiently, resulting in better treatment and care for pets and happier owners. Clinical Reasoning in Small Animal Practice will help turn a terrifying case into a manageable one!

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Contributors vii
Foreword (Stephen May) ix
1 Introduction to problem-based inductive clinical reasoning 1
Jill E. Maddison & Holger A. Volk
2 Vomiting and regurgitation 23
Jill E. Maddison
3 Diarrhoea 39
Jill E. Maddison
4 Weight loss 55
Jill E. Maddison
5 Abdominal enlargement 65
Jill E. Maddison
6 Weakness 75
Holger A. Volk David B. Church & Jill E. Maddison
7 Fit collapse or strange episodes 97
Holger A. Volk
8 Sneezing dyspnoea coughing and other respiratory signs 125
David B. Church
9 Anaemia 155
Jill E. Maddison
10 Jaundice 167
Jill E. Maddison
11 Bleeding 175
Jill E. Maddison
12 Polyuria/polydipsia and/or impaired urine concentration 191
Jill E. Maddison & David B. Church
13 Gait abnormalities 211
Holger A. Volk & Elvin Kulendra
14 Pruritus and scaling 241
Andrea Volk & Jill E. Maddison
Index 255

Author Information

Author Information

Dr Jill E. Maddison BVSc, DipVetClinStud, PhD, FACVSc, MRCVS is Director of Professional Development, Extra Mural Studies and General Practice at The Royal Veterinary College, UK. Jill is actively involved in undergraduate teaching at the RVC in the areas of clinical problem solving and inductive clinical reasoning in small animal medicine and clinical pharmacology for veterinary students and nurses. She has published over 60 refereed papers in veterinary and medical journals and has been invited to speak at numerous international CPD meetings. In April 2012 she became the chair of the WSAVA Continuing Education (CE) Committee which facilitates CE for veterinarians in developing countries. Jill has been responsible for programming the clinical CPD streams at The London Vet Show since its launch in 2009.

Professor Holger A. Volk DVM, PGCAP, DipECVN, PhD, FHEA, MRCVS is Clinical Director of the Small Animal

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