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Complementary Medicine for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses

by Nancy Scanlan
January 2011
Complementary Medicine for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses is the first resource on holistic veterinary care written specifically for the veterinary technician. Organized by treatment modality, the book offers practical information designed to help readers develop an understanding of each modality, assist with procedures associated with holistic medicine, and knowledgeably discuss treatment options with clients. Outlining the respective roles of technicians and veterinarians throughout, this book is a welcome reference for readers looking to expand their knowledge of complementary veterinary medicine and introduce additional treatment options in their practice.

  • Offers complementary veterinary medicine information designed specifically for veterinary technicians and nurses
  • Clearly defines the scope of the technician’s role in complementary medicine
  • Covers both common and lesser-known holistic modalities
  • Includes historical background, step-by-step procedure guidelines, and practical tips for client communication for each modality
  • Aids technicians in confidently and competently discussing alternative medicine treatment options with clients
  • Provides clinically-relevant patient history and release forms, glossary of terms, quick reference charts and contact information for additional resources and training
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Password (If Needed): vetbooks.ir
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