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Cryptosporidium: Parasite and Disease

by Simone M. Caccio`, Giovanni Widmer
November 2013

This new volume on Cryptosporidium and Cryptosporidiosis discusses all relevant aspects of the biology, molecular biology, host-parasite interaction, epidemiology as well as diagnosis and treatment of these widespread parasites. It represents a useful guide for physicians, microbiologists, veterinarians and water professionals seeking advanced knowledge and guidance about these important parasitic pathogens. A section on practical lab procedures discusses step-by-step guidelines for sample preparation and lab procedures. The new book may further serve as a reference work for graduate students in medical and veterinary microbiology.​

  • Gives an up to date overview to all aspects of parasite biology and disease symptoms in cryptosporidiosis
  • Describes molecular biology, epidemiology and host-parasite interaction in detail
  • Provides information on diagnosis, symptoms and treatment for physicians and veterinarians
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File size: 4.6 MB
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