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Dairy Cattle Hoof Lesion Identification (Android, Windows Phone, Offline and Online Versions)

by Dairy Cattle Hoof Health
Version 1.03

At the 15th International Symposium and 7th Conference on Lameness in Ruminants held in Kuopio, Finland, 9-13 June 2008, an international group of experts (the International Lameness Committee, ILC) agreed on standard descriptions of 14 claw lesions commonly found in cattle. Subsequently, a dairy claw lesion poster based on the new standard was co-developed by the Committee and Zinpro Performance Minerals. The poster was created in several formats and widely distributed by Zinpro.

The establishment of standardized lesion names and descriptions has significantly improved communication among researchers, veterinarians, hoof trimmers, farmers and others concerned with cattle hoof health. It has also facilitated the development of computerized lesion recording systems such as Hoof Supervisor®.

The present application is based on the pictorial approach used in the Hoof Supervisor® system – the author gratefully acknowledges that innovative application of the Zinpro/ILC claw lesion identification system.

Most of the lesion photographs are from the library of Dr. Paul Greenough, one of the key members of the International Lameness Committee. Likewise, most of the descriptions provided in the Causes, Prevention and Treatment sections are adapted from Dr. Greenough’s 2007 book Bovine Laminitis and Lameness: A hands-on approach. Thanks to Paul for his many and significant contributions to bovine hoof health over the past 60+ years.

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