Diseases of Coral

by Cheryl M. Woodley, Craig A. Downs, Andrew W. Bruckner, James W. Porter, Sylvia B. Galloway
September 2015
Coral disease is quickly becoming a crisis to the health and management of the world’s coral reefs. There is a great interest from many in preserving coral reefs. Unfortunately, the field of epizootiology is disorganized and lacks a standard vocabulary, methods, and diagnostic techniques, and tropical marine scientists are poorly trained in wildlife pathology, veterinary medicine, and epidemiology. Diseases of Coral will help to rectify this situation.

  • Coverage of all major coral diseases
  • Chapters written by leading experts in the field
  • 24-page color plate section
  • Valuable diagnostic reference with standardized descriptions of all diseases presented
  • Glossary of key terms
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