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Finfish Aquaculture Diversification

by Nathalie R. Le François, Malcolm Jobling, Chris Carter, Pierre U. Blier, Arianne Savoie
April 2010

There is considerable global interest in the culture of finfish species both for cold and warm water aquaculture development and growth. Essential information on the biology, domestication and aquacultural characteristics of a wide selection of novel and established species is provided in the form of technical sheets, species descriptions and information on current rearing practices, making this a must-have reference in the field of aquacultural science. The book also offers a basic framework in order to support investment strategies for research and developement efforts aimed at the emergence of a profitable finfish aquaculture industry and presents a rationale for species diversification, different approaches to species selection and basic economical and market considerations governing the launch of strategic development and commercialization efforts.

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