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Grooming Manual for the Dog and Cat

by Sue Dallas, Diana North, Joanne Angus
June 2006

One of the responsibilities of every dog or cat owner is that of coat care. There are many and varied coat types and there is a vast difference between the time it takes to groom a Doberman and an Old English Sheepdog, a Siamese and a Persian cat. This book provides much needed guidance for groomers, breeders and owners. It will be invaluable for those taking the City and Guilds 775 Grooming exam and animal care students of all levels. Step by step grooming/clipping techniques are described for the more popular breeds of dog and cat and in each case the technique is illustrated with photographic sequences. The book also includes allied subjects such as skin care, commonly found skin parasites and basic first aid and handling.

  • A step by step, highly illustrated guide dedicated to grooming and associated health issues, in dogs and cats;
  • The first non-US book dedicated to grooming techniques;
  • Written by two professional groomers and experienced veterinary nursing and animal care lecturer;
  • Ideal for those taking courses and examinations in grooming awards and animal care qualifications, and for those studying for the Intermediate Grooming certificate, the City & Guilds award and National Vocational Qualifications
  • Also includes reference section on allied subjects from skin anatomy to first aid.
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