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Medical History and Physical Examination in Companion Animals, 2nd Edition

by A. Rijnberk, F. J. van Sluijs
September 2008
The medical history and physical examination are the most important cornerstones of clinical diagnosis. This is the only veterinary book devoted to a description of methods applicable to companion animals. The methods described are used in the veterinary schools of Utrecht (the Netherlands) and Ghent (Belgium), but their effectiveness and usefulness is recognized by many visiting staff members and students from other veterinary schools in Europe and North America. Central to the book is the concept that the examination should be as efficient as possible. The descriptions of the examination are very detailed and enhanced with many high quality colour illustrations. The accompanying DVD includes video clips of a variety of examinations and forms (in PDF format) that can be used for determining the results when carrying out the medical history and physical examination in companion animals.

  • first book devoted to medical history and clinical examination in companion animals
  • system-based approach
  • problem-oriented approach: short initial examination is used to define the problems presented by the owner
  • uses same effective method of examination throughout
  • separate chapter on Reptiles
  • accompanying DVD with video clips and medical forms in PDF format to be used when carrying out medical history-taking and physical examination
  • written by top-experts in the field
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