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Medical Terminology in a Flash! A Multiple Learning Styles Approach, 3rd Edition

by Lisa Finnegan, Sharon Eagle
October 2015

The 3rd Edition of this popular text features an emphasis on meeting the needs of all learning styles by providing a visually rich text, an online learning program, and perforated/tear-out flash cards at the back of the book. The online learning program, the Medical Language Lab 2.0, is included with the text and comes with lecture videos and an integrated e-book. (See below for details.)

You’ll discover how to make different study strategies work for you, whether your preference for learning is auditory, visual, kinesthetic, oral-dependent, or writing-dependent learner.

  • Learn for retention and medical language fluency – watch the MLL 2.0 lecture video then reinforce your learning through the MLL 2.0 activities
  • Features over 1,100 flash cards in all—in the book on perforated/tear-out pages and online.
  • Meets the needs of multiple learning styles.
  • Uses color coding of word parts that correspond to the flash cards to reinforce learning.
  • ENHANCED & EXPANDED! Learning Style Tips now feature ideas to engage multiple learning styles in a single activity as well as suggestions on how technology can be used to enhance learning.
  • EXPANDED! Flash Cards are provided for every suffix, prefix, combining form, abbreviation, and pathology term in the book.
  • NEW! The structure of each chapter is divided into three sections…structure and function­ – combining forms and abbreviations­ – and pathologies, procedures and pharmacology.
  • ENHANCED & EXPANDED! The Structure and Function section of each chapter features new exercises to strengthen knowledge of key terms and definitions.
  • NEW! A pharmacology section in each chapter introduces students to more than 300 medications, and includes their generic names, brand names, therapeutic classification, and common use, offering insights into how the medications act on the body and helping prepare them for their pharmacology courses.
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