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Pathways to Pregnancy and Parturition, 3rd Edition

by P. L. Senger
January 2012
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This reproductive physiology textbook is used in over 140 universities around the world. It provides detailed specimen and full color graphics targeted specifically to students.

The ultimate goal of Pathways to Pregnancy and Parturition – 3rd Edition is to enable people to understand the principles of reproductive physiology. This discipline is a visual one and requires image of anatomical structures and physiologic processes. Good visual imaging makes learning easier, less time consuming and the knowledge is retained longer. We have made every effort to make this book a good investment in visual understanding.

As students, when you listen to lectures, read and study the content, we hope that this book will help you draw pictures of the concepts in your minds. In this context, the comment “if you can’t draw a picture of it, you probably don’t understand it” made by Larry M. Lee (B.S., M.S., Engineering) should serve as an educational mantra in your pursuit of understanding, regardless of the subject matter.

Third Edition of Pathways to Pregnancy and Parturition is not an expanded one. It remains approximately the same length as 2nd Revised Edition. It continues to reflect our philosophy that science textbooks should focus on the essential concepts without unessential detail, build a logical flow of inforn1ation and refrain from becoming ” information dumps” that overwhelm students and instructors alike.

  • Highly visual presentations
  • Concepts clearly presented
  • Relevant and fun
Unfortunately 2 pages (148-149) are missed.
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