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Rodent Transplant Medicine

by Weihua Gong
October 2014

This book introduces transplantation in rodents as useful tools used in studying transplant immunobiology. Several solid organs (kidney, heart, liver) transplant models in rodents are described in this book. It can help surgical quality and save surgical time. The first part of the book provides a review of rodent transplant tolerance induction, the role of gender and body-weight in rodent transplantation, surgical instruments and organ preservation solutions. In the second part of the book, various organ-transplantation techniques in rodents are discussed in individual chapters. This book presents uniform surgical procedures in mouse and rats, which produce comparable data, efficiently enhancing the translational research from bench to non-human primates and beyond. It will be of great value to transplant researchers, research fellows and clinicians in many surgical specialties.

  • Describes useful tools for promoting the development of transplant immunology and microsurgical techniques
  • Step by step illustration of surgical procedures in mouse and rat
  • Enhance the translational research from bench to non-human primate and beyond
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