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Seafood Processing By-Products

by Se-Kwon Kim
April 2014

The seafood processing industry produces a large amount of by-products that usually consist of bioactive materials such as proteins, enzymes, fatty acids, and biopolymers. These by-products are often underutilized or wasted, even though they have been shown to have biotechnological, nutritional, pharmaceutical, and biomedical applications. For example, by-products derived from crustaceans and algae have been successfully applied in place of collagen and gelatin in food, cosmetics, drug delivery, and tissue engineering.

Divided into four parts and consisting of twenty-seven chapters, this book discusses seafood by-product development, isolation, and characterization, and demonstrates the importance of seafood by-products for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and biomedical industries.

  • Provides an overview of seafood processing by-products
  • Discusses the various bioactive functional ingredients obtained from seafood processing by-products
  • Addresses the health benefits and industrial applications of seafood processing by-products​
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