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Seafood Science: Advances in Chemistry, Technology and Applications

by Se-Kwon Kim
September 2014
This book explores current trends in seafood science and examines various related topics including isolation aspects and different methodologies involved in seafood production. It provides detailed explanations about marine species such as fish, seaweed, and crustaceans and discusses their health benefits as well as the health risk for consumption. These topics provide a platform to develop various aquaculture/biotechnology studies. The book is essential reading for the novice and expert in marine-related fields such as aquaculture, as well as those in biotechnology, chemical sciences, natural products, materials science, pharmaceutical science, and nutraceutical science.

  • Provides detailed explanation and discussion about seafood processing methodologies
  • Surveys the history, introduction, and overview of seafood
  • Explains the chemistry, technology and application of food hydrocolloids from Seaweeds
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