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The Anatomy of Sea Turtles

by Jeanette Wyneken
January 2001

This manual was written in response to these needs and was designed to be accessible to a variety of users. It provides a fundamental background, reference photos of normal anatomy, and diagrams to guide novice or professional biologists, stranding personnel, and veterinarians.

Species identification, standard dissection techniques, standard measurements, and basic anatomy are covered with a diverse audience in
mind. While this manual does not serve as a necropsy guide, it may serve as a reference when conducting necropsies. It is designed particularly with the understanding that many users will be working with it in the field or under less-than-ideal conditions.

The Anatomy of Sea Turtles is organized so that it can be used either as a guide to dissection or as an anatomical reference to species identification, standard methods, and dissection or as an anatomical reference to sea turtle structures or systems.

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