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Veterinary Mycology

by Indranil Samanta
March 3, 2015
This book is a comprehensive overview of the fungi that are clinically relevant for animals and humans. It is divided in three major parts: the first part comprises the history of veterinary and medical mycology, general aspects of morphology, growth, nutrition, reproduction and classification of fungi. In the second part, the etiologic agents of cutaneous, subcutaneous and systemic mycoses are described in detail with special emphasis on emerging and uncommon pathogenic fungi. Each chapter consists of a brief history and the morphology, classification, reproduction, susceptibility to disinfectants, natural habitat, distribution, genome, isolation, growth and colony characteristics, antigenic characteristics, virulence factors. The major diseases and their routes of transmission, pathogenesis, immunity, diagnosis and treatment are also covered. The third part focuses on laboratory diagnosis including clinical sample collection, their processing for fungal isolation, special stains for microscopic visualization, culture media composition and a relevant glossary. Each chapter includes color photographs, schematic diagrams and tables for better understanding.

  • Provides the latest information on all facets of Veterinary Mycology
  • Starts with introduction of basic characteristics and classification of fungi, moves onto systematic mycology, focuses on fungi causing mastitis abortion and mycotoxicosis and concludes with collection, processing and diagnostic techniques for fungi
  • Will serve as a useful reference not only for the academicians but also for the professionals engaged in the animal disease diagnosis laboratory
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