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Veterinary Virology, 3rd Edition

by Frederick Murphy, E. Gibbs, Marian Horzinek, Michael Studdert
October 1999

Completely rewritten, this edition has expanded coverage of zoonotic viruses and the diseases they cause, and viruses and viral diseases of laboratory animals, poultry, fish, and wildlife. The concept of new emerging and reemerging viral diseases reflects the new perspective this concept has brought to veterinary and zoonotic virology and related fields. Part I presents fundamental principles of virology related to animal infection and disease. Part II details the properties and clinical features of the viruses that afflict animals and describes their treatment and control.

  • Comprehensive coverage of animal viruses, viral diseases, and viral zoonoses
  • Covers veterinary and zoonotic virology from the perspective of pathogenesis of viral infections, as well as from the perspective of disease prevention and control
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