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What Can I Do Now? Animal Careers

by Ferguson Publishing
January 2010

What Can I Do Now? gives students the information and advice they need to take a hands-on approach to career exploration and preparation. With the do-it-yourself resources provided in each volume, students can discover the many ways to test-drive a career while they are still in school. Listed in each volume are summer camps, school clubs, and after-school programs; books, periodicals, and internet resources; scholarship programs and study opportunities; volunteer opportunities, internships, and part-time jobs; professional associations and mentors; and much more. An industry overview provides a broad introduction to the field. Each book profiles 10 popular careers, with information on work settings, job outlook, education and training, skill requirements, earnings, and advancement opportunities.

Animal Careers< guides students on the path to a career working with animals by helping them take a proactive, hands-on approach to career exploration.Job profiles include:

  • Animal shelter workers
  • Animal trainers
  • Aquarists
  • Park workers
  • Pet care workers
  • Veterinarians
  • Veterinary technicians
  • Zoo and aquarium curators and directors
  • Zookeepers
  • Zoologists.
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