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Molecular Detection of Animal Viral Pathogens

by Dongyou Liu
August 2016

Molecular Detection of Animal Viral Pathogens presents expert summaries on state-of-the-art diagnostic approaches for major animal viral pathogens, with a particular emphasis on identification and differentiation at the molecular level.

Written by specialists in related research areas, each chapter provides a concise overview of an individual virus or group concerning its

  • Classification
  • Morphology
  • Genome organization
  • Epidemiology
  • Clinical features
  • Diagnosis
  • Sample collection and preparation procedures
  • Molecular detection protocols

Each chapter also discusses future prospects or further research requirements for streamlining the identification and epidemiological tracking of the virus concerned.

With broad coverage presented in a concise format, Molecular Detection of Animal Viral Pathogens is an essential reference for both beginning and experienced laboratory scientists as well as students of virology. It also offers an indispensable guide applicable to medical, veterinary, and industrial settings that are dependent on speedy turnarounds, extreme sensitivity, and exquisite specificity of virological testing for decision making and disease prevention.

  • Reviews techniques for identifying and diagnosing animal viral pathogens in a concisely organized format
  • Presents authoritative overviews of several key aspects of major animal viral pathogens
  • Includes contributions from scientists with expertise in their respective fields of animal viral pathogen research
  • Serves as a comprehensive guide for medical, veterinary, and industrial personnel dealing with animal viral pathogens
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